Conference: “Evaluating the WHO’s normative leadership”

Catherine Régis, Miriam Cohen, Pierre Larouche and Gaëlle Foucault are giving a conference at the O’Neill Institute at the Georgetown University Law Centre on November 16th at 9am!

Here is the abstract!

"While negotiations are underway for the adoption by the WHO of a treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, one issue of major interest is how to ensure that states comply with this new treaty. The failure of some states to meet their obligations under the International Health Regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic may lead to skepticism about the adoption of a new binding text. Better understanding why and how WHO norms are used in practice by states, or on the contrary, rejected, would inform negotiations and the implementation of future norms and ensure better follow-up by states.

This is precisely the aim of an interdisciplinary research project entitled “Evaluating the WHO’s normative leadership” led by Professors Catherine Régis, Miriam Cohen, Pierre Larouche and Jean-Louis Denis (University of Montreal, Canada) with the collaboration of international researchers (including in the O’Neill Institute). Based on empirical data (a search in legal databases from seven countries supplemented by more than 40 interviews), the research team will discuss, at each phase in the lifecycle of a norm (creation, dissemination, compliance, feedback), the various factors that influence the normative footprint of the WHO at the domestic level." (H-Pod).