Obstetric and gynecological violence: Empowering patients to recognize and prevent it

Read the new blogpost posted on the Conversation. Catherine Régis, Audrey Ferron Parayre and her team wrote a new article about Obstetric and gynecological violence, an important topic that needs to be tackled more!

Here is an excerpt:

In recent years, media and social networks have brought to light growing denunciations of obstetric and gynecological care that is considered violent, disrespectful, abusive or neglectful. These behaviours, words, acts and omissions are known as obstetric and gynecological violence (OGV).
Beyond the medical domain, OGV stems from gender-based violence as well as biases and stereotypes about women (biological or gendered) and mothers. More particularly, OGV can encompass the expression of medical racism and colonialism that places racialized and Indigenous individuals at greater risk to experience it. (Régis et al., 2024)
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